An Affordable Way to Experience California

California invokes images of freedom and sophistication, and with its cult history, it is one of the most visited states in the US. Cool coastal roads with miles and miles of gorgeous beaches make the Pacific Coastal Highway Route one of the most popular routes for self-driving tourists who wish to experience the real culture of California.

The Right Vehicle

If you are planning to travel in California and you have no desire to be a slave to the timetables and schedules that modern life involves, you need to rent an RV and explore the state at your leisure. If you are to do this, the right vehicle is paramount, and modern RV solutions give you a level of luxury that was unheard of until a few years ago. You might find this hard to believe, but a mini campervan can comfortably sleep up to four adults, and with a fully functional kitchen and shower facilities, the hotel is an unnecessary option. If you are contemplating this kind of vacation, there are online solutions for RV rental San Francisco that are so affordable, it is your best option.

Freedom and Flexibility

Travelling in California is fraught with schedules and bookings, but you can avoid all of this by hiring a fully equipped RV from a reputable company, and make your holiday your own. The open road holds adventure and excitement for those who are willing to take the chance, and by renting the right vehicle, you will effectively free yourself from the typical restrictions that a package holiday offers. You decide where you go, and more importantly, you are the one that chooses your route.

The Pacific Coastal Highway

This iconic highway is an absolute must for any visitor to the west coast, and with unique towns and villages dotted along the route, you cannot be anything else than impressed when you set off down the winding road that is often referred to as the gateway on the real America. The 450km drive from San Francisco to Los Angeles offers a glimpse into the lifestyle of the western inhabitants, and they are pretty laid back, upholding the tradition of individuality that California is so well known for.

Accommodation Costs

Any vacation will bear considerable costs for accommodation, with perhaps the exception of a self-driving holiday, which is void of that expense. This is only possible due to the fully equipped vehicles you can hire today, and with the round the clock support of an established rental company, you can rest assured that the holiday will be everything you expected, and a little more. The extra money you save can allow you to dine in style, or it might just give you a few more days on the road.

The costs of any vacation are filled with hotel bills, and by renting the right campervan, you can say goodbye to any accommodation costs, and begin to experience a holiday where you are in control.