Get a better deal on a used car

If you’re looking for quality cheap used cars, Aberdeen could be the place for you. There are many things you should consider before you buy a used car. One of the most important things to do is work out how much you can afford. You may well wish to draw up a shortlist of appropriate models, but don’t be swayed by price tag alone as you will have to pay for tax, insurance and fuel too. If you do have a model in mind, take a look at various ads to get a good idea about what you should be paying.

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The Sale of Goods Act

Buying from a dealer rather than a private seller can be a wise idea. This is largely because dealers are part of trade associations and won’t want to risk being removed from them by breaking the code of conduct they have signed up to. You’ll also be protected by the Sale of Goods Act if you buy from a dealer, which means that you’ll be able to return the car if you discover a fault that you weren’t told about before. It can be much harder to get a private seller to admit they didn’t point out a fault to you.

Buying from a dealer

Look closely at the paperwork

Always view a car in light, dry conditions and take it for a test drive. Ask as many questions about the vehicle as you feel you need to and take a good look the paperwork to make sure all the information on it matches up with what you have been told about the car. If you have never bought a second-hand car before, consider asking a more experienced friend or family member to help you reach an informed decision and get the right vehicle for you.

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