How to Tell if a Battery is Dying

If a battery in your vehicle dies, you could be stranded somewhere with no help. Knowing how the system works is the best way to diagnose potential problems. Your car battery provides electrical power whenever your engine is not running. It supplies all the lights and interior electrical components while the vehicle is turned off. When you turn the ignition, the battery delivers electricity to the solenoid and starts your car. When your vehicle is running and your alternator is good, the alternator runs all of the electrical components. So if your car dies while the engine is running, you likely have a problem with the alternator and not the battery. However, if you get to your destination and your car will not restart when leaving, you might have a battery problem. Here are some of the warning signs.

Tell if a Battery is Dying

Slow Starts

If your car is hesitant to start, you could have a battery issue. As soon as you start noticing your car doesn’t want to start, you should research cheap car batteries in Adelaide. A slow start can be every time you turn the key or just intermittently. If they are intermittent slow starts, you should think about how long you were driving before you tried to start your car again. As stated earlier, your alternator will run the electronics in your car and will charge your battery. So if you have trouble starting your car after it’s been sitting all day but no trouble starting it up after driving, then you likely have a battery that is having a problem holding a charge. You will still need to get it replaced, but it likely won’t fail for a couple more days. You shouldn’t hesitate in calling for assistance, but it’s no reason to skip work.


Corrosion around your battery terminals is a sign that battery acid is leaking out and building up around the terminals. A battery losing its acid is a hazard and is also going to fail on you before too long. However, that’s also not a reason to skip work since you can receive roadside assistance in Canberra by Roadside Response. They will come to you on the side of the road or in the parking lot at your job. That is a great way to stay consistent, get your car looked at, and not miss an event in your daily routine.

If you have rust or corrosion around your battery or are experiencing slow starts, you should call roadside service as soon as possible.